TEO and his dog. Children's series. Chapter 6

TEO and his dog. Children's series. Chapter 6

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TEO is a restless and curious four-year-old boy, a friendly red-haired protagonist in a series of children's stories. In the sixth chapter TEO and his dog, they look for a pet for Teo and his brother and learn to take care of it

Through the stories we will get to know the world together with TEO: his family, his little friends and animals and through the stories he will help the little ones to live the different situations that are part of the daily life of a modern child.

TEO is an educational and fun series based on the famous collection of books "Teo discovers the world". Aimed at children and presented in a way that will stimulate the little ones to learn. Teo's children's stories provided by brbplay

Chapter 1 - I'm TEOChapter 2 - TEO visits his grandparents
Chapter 3 - TEO walks around townChapter 4 - TEO and his cousins
Chapter 5 - TEO Goes to the ParkChapter 6 - TEO and his dog
Chapter 7 - TEO Has a Little SisterChapter 8 - TEO takes care of his little sister
Chapter 9 - TEO DisguisesChapter 10 - TEO Goes On Vacation
Chapter 11 - TEO plays at homeChapter 12 - TEO at school
Chapter 13 - TEO Has Mischief

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