Books for parents: so that children do not pee on the bed

Books for parents: so that children do not pee on the bed

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One of the great concerns that parents have when the child reaches the age in which he would supposedly already have to control the sphincters, their little one does not get it and that also, night after night, he urinates in the bed. For this reason, we have made a selection of books that can help parents understand the problem and help their children learn not to pee on themselves or in bed.

We hope that it will be of great help to parents who are experiencing this situation at home. The recovery of the children will depend largely on the parents.

One of the first learnings with which the boy and the girl are confronted is to control their own sphincters: stop peeing, poop ... This, which may seem like a simple thing, is not so simple, and it becomes for some it is a complex, lengthy and frustrating task.
Parents, with the best of their intentions, want to know what they can do to speed up this process and make it more effective, but are sometimes distracted by somewhat folkloric solutions ("don't touch certain flowers," "don't play with fire for the night"...). How to help your child if he pees in bed explains with simplicity, clarity and step by step the nature of the tasks to be learned by the child, the enhancement of the wake-up response through the “pee-stop”, how they can motivate parents in such learning and what they can do when problems arise.

In this book parents will find everything they need to know so that their children have a good development and a good grooming education. It teaches them how to end the daily fight against bedwetting: parents need to care for their child, strengthen their self-esteem and show their love every day. Only in this way will they provide the necessary help so that he can put off the diapers.

Learning to stay clean and dry is an important step on your child's journey to independence.
Goodbye to diapers is a comprehensive and practical guide to this critical period in a child's life.

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