Parents name their baby Facebookson

Parents name their baby Facebookson

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The controversy is served. After so many strange names that parents choose for their children, one is no longer surprised by what may appear, right? We have already heard everything in terms of baby names, but this case goes beyond the comprehensible barrier. Parents put the name Facebookson on their baby.

Like many other young and modern couples, Anderson Cerqueira and Janete dos Santos, residents of Sao Paulo, Brazil, met through a social network. They dated, got married, and had a beautiful, healthy baby a few months ago.

Everything would remain normal and anonymous if it were not for a detail. The couple decide to baptize their baby with the name Facebookson, a tribute to the social network through which they met for the first time. The father says that he had difficulties registering his baby because at first they wanted to give his baby the name of Facebook and the registries did not accept it, claiming that a foreign name could not be given. It was then that the couple decided to change the name to Facebookson, and thus bear a resemblance to Anderson, the father's name.

The news has already gone around the world, especially after a report came to light in an American newspaper. On social media, the couple received a lot of criticism. For many, it is just about spreading and popularizing Facebook in Brazil.

While his name is causing a stir on the Internet, little Facebookson continues to grow. But, I wonder: when he's older, will someone remember Facebook?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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