Short and short stories for children

Short and short stories for children

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Nothing like stories to stimulate and enhance the imagination, fantasy and creativity in children. Stories are one of the most important tools parents can have to educate their children. Children's stories help children to acquire knowledge and teachings, to understand values ​​that would otherwise be difficult to explain. They also invite reflection and sharing.

Follow some suggestions from short and short stories. In just 5 minutes, parents can convey endless messages to their children through stories.

Various authors / from Beascoa
Illustrations by Blanca Bk

It is time to go to bed but we are not sleepy, we just want to be told a story. Let it be neither too short nor too long, neither too girls nor too boys. But let it be sing-song and let animals come out ... a duck and cat ... and lions and mice ... and bathe in the sea and come to school late and have snot And that they don't like soup or mushrooms ... Because the little ones still can't read, and we want them to tell us stories! And that mom and dad spend a little more time with us sitting on our bed. So we will have happy dreams when the light goes out. And if after telling us the story, you bring us a glass of warm milk ... Much better! Ah! And don't forget the kisses ... Good night.

Various authors / from Beascoa
Illustrations by Cristina Quiles

It is time to go to bed but we are not sleepy, we just want to be told a story. and that they bathe in the sea and that they arrive late to school and that they have snot and that they do not like soup or mushrooms ... Much better!

Vicenc Tuset Mayoral

25 stories that, on occasions, are prequels of those that have gone down in history; sometimes, they explain things that were later capital in the best-known stories; and others tell us what happened to characters who later were never protagonists. Do you want to know, for example, how the three little pigs first encountered the big bad wolf? You will know in just 5 minutes.

Are you interested in knowing why the Tooth Fairy collects teeth? Well then you might want to find out what happened to Raton Sánchez before, it's a matter of nothing, 5 minutes.

Are you intrigued by the secret of Rapunzel's hair? Because to go to the origin of that mystery you have to meet the impatient princess Abitawa, it will not take you long, it will be 5 minutes.


A compilation of five stories with the ideal length to read to the time to go to sleep It includes the titles "The Wedding of the Mice", "The Lazy Dragon", "The Tortoise and the Eagle", "The Cicada and the Ant" and "The Owl and the Kitten". With beautiful illustrations, padded hard cover and a ribbon to mark the pages.

by Bruño

After the success of short stories to sleep 1 and 2, a new volume full of funny, tender, exciting stories ... fantastically narrated and drawn by the most prestigious authors and illustrators. Some stories that will make children have happy dreams.

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