Children's hairdressers

Children's hairdressers

A fashion trend or a thriving new business? Children's hairdressers specializing in haircuts and hairstyles, manicures and pedicures, are increasingly numerous and sophisticated. They enjoy a special decoration that recreates the setting of their favorite series or cartoons and in them the children feel the protagonists and do not borrow.

And that's how I felt, on loan, when as a child my mother took me to her hairdresser to cut my hair. As I was small and I had an armchair on all sides, they would put a cushion or a booster on me in the best of cases, they wrapped me in a huge cape and treated me like the daughter of ...

Times have changed and now I take my children to a children's hair salon that they love. The big armchairs of the hairdressers are now airplanes, cars or rockets that rise, and not only that, but they rise and fall like those at the fair. And in front there is not only a mirror, but there is also a screen where to entertain your mini-clients while they cut their hair, they can watch one of their favorite movies. Now the protagonists are the children and it is the parents who, in this case, are displaced before so much child care.

In this sense, these businesses for children offer complete services. In addition to haircuts and hairstyles, we also find bows and extensions, and to top it off, manicures and pedicures. And it is that although it seems crazy to you, manicure and pedicure for children is a service on the rise and those in charge of these new hairdressers know it: many new parents are afraid to cut their children's nails and prefer to park their inexperience and leave it in the hands of a good professional.

In most hairdressing centers for children, the first haircut is accompanied by the memory of a lock of children's hair for parents and the most daring offer discounts of 50 percent to twins who come together to the hairdresser to carry out any session.

Marisol New.

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