Day of the Holy Matilde, March 14. Names for girls

Day of the Holy Matilde, March 14. Names for girls

Matilde is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means "brave warrior". It is a name with a long medieval tradition that is being recovered today.

Matilde can be the perfect name for your girl if you want to combine sweetness and strength of character. He celebrates his name day on March 14, which is the day of Santa Matilde.

Due to the meaning of her name, Matilde has a very attractive charismatic personality. Courageous, brave and hard-working, Matilde does not hesitate to take on responsibilities and commitments and is a faithful defender of family and friends. In addition to her strength and energy, Matilde has a delicate, sweet and seductive side, which easily makes her the soul of her group of friends.

The name Matilde is used in several languages ​​with multiple variants. The best known are its English form Mathilda and its diminutive Maud. In addition, we find a variant of your daughter's name that is especially familiar to us in the comic book character, Mafalda. A shrewd girl who makes us laugh with her ironic and extremely honest observations about the everyday.

Throughout history we find numerous important women named Matilde, such as various queens, an empress and numerous aristocrats. But the name of your daughter is especially evocative of lyricism and love because Matilde is the name of two muses who inspired the works of great literary geniuses such as Pablo Neruda and Ernesto Sábato.

In its English version, we cannot fail to mention Mary Shelley's controversial novel, "Mathilda," and Danny DeVitto's film of the same name, which was a huge box office success. And one of the most faithful representatives of your daughter's name is the journalist and writer of the historical novel, Matilde Asensi, with such essential titles as "The Last Cato" or "The Lost Origin".

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