Santa Casilda's Day, April 9. Names for girls

Santa Casilda's Day, April 9. Names for girls

Casilda is a name for a girl of Arab origin whose meaning is related to "singing", so it has an immense connotation of delicacy and seduction.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, it belongs to that group of marked medieval tradition that parents like to revitalize to give their daughters dignity and nobility. He celebrates his name day on April 9, which is the day of Santa Casilda.

Due to the meaning of her name, Casilda implies a sensitive and emotional personality. Casilda is a dreamer and with great intuition, which she combines with an alert intelligence and a very strong sense of friendship. With great facility for social relations, Casilda soon becomes the fundamental figure of her group of friends and the family nucleus. In addition, her tenacity and capacity for effort lead her to achieve success in everything she undertakes.

The name Casilda is known mainly in the Hispanic sphere, although it is not widely used today. However, its strength and musicality make Casilda the perfect name for today's parents to revitalize it, as is already happening with a large number of names wrapped in medieval legends. Casilda will undoubtedly become part of the list of frequent names in no time.

We also know your daughter's name as a toponym, in a town in Argentina. Although the park of Doña Casilda in Bilbao is more familiar to us, where we find a moment of Doña Casilda Iturrizar, benefactress of the city known as "widow of Espalza". And throughout history, there are many noble ladies who have borne the name of your girl.

But if anyone has made this name popular, it is Santa Casilda de Toledo. Who was the daughter of a Muslim king, converted to Christianity surrounded by legend in a miraculous episode of generosity. They say that Casilda was hiding in her skirt loaves of bread for Christian prisoners and when her father asked her what she was hiding, the bread turned into roses.

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