Saint Maximino's Day, May 29. Names for boys

Saint Maximino's Day, May 29. Names for boys

Maximino is a name for a boy of Latin origin whose meaning is the same as that of another known name, Máximo, "the greatest". It can therefore be the perfect name for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Maximino has an original beauty and brings great distinction while maintaining all the strength of the traditional names. He celebrates his name day on May 29, which is the day of Saint Maximino.

Due to the meaning of his name, Maximino possesses a great strength of character and a personality that stands out from the rest. His joy and optimism make him succeed in social relationships and his innate talent makes him the perfect entrepreneur. In addition, Maximino has no problem acquiring responsibilities and standing up as the protective figure of his family.

The name Maximino is known in all languages, as is Máximo. It is one of those names that are currently beginning to gain strength after spending decades forgotten. Because nowadays, parents prefer names with tradition, with meaning and that add a certain nobility to any extravagant name that will go out of style.

As the name of your son is one of those names that reinforce the nobility of the person who bears it, we have to go back to ancient Rome to remember the first Maximinians in history. No less than two Roman emperors bore this name, Maximinus the Thracian and Maximinus Daya.

More current we find the Galician musician and composer Maximino Zumalave and the Catalan presenter and writer Maxim Huertas. We also know the Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias and we cannot fail to mention the successful fashion brand Massimo Dutti.

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