A mother without ovaries gives birth to a baby

A mother without ovaries gives birth to a baby

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Scientific advances, especially in the field of medicine, allow achievements that seem incredible. This is the case of a woman who had to remove the ovaries in 2001. It did not seem very possible that she could be a mother one day, however, today, thanks to science, she is the mother of a beautiful baby named Lucas who will be one year old in July. An extraordinary case that can give hope to many women in the same situation.

Mercedes is a 31-year-old woman who had to have both ovaries removed in 2001 due to a tumor. Back then, doctors decided freeze some of the healthy ovarian tissue. In 2011, the woman turned to her doctors for help in her intention to become a mother. Doctors reimplanted the tissue from her ovaries, and after just four months, signs of ovarian activity began to emerge.

The Gynecology Service of the Hospital de San Joan de Déu in Esplugues de Llobregat in Spain, carried out an ovarian stimulation process and, using the in vitro fertilization technique, obtained an embryo, which was implanted in the uterine cavity, thus achieving the expected pregnancy.

The pregnancy proceeded normally and, in July 2012, Lucas was born, a beautiful and healthy baby who weighed 3.5 kilos and became the first child in Spain and the second in the world who was born to a woman without ovaries thanks to an autologous ovarian tissue transplant.

The doctors treated the happy mother, they have shown that the freezing of the ovarian tissue allows to preserve the reproductive capacity of cancer patients. Once the tumor in the ovaries has been removed and the ovarian tissue or healthy oocytes removed to be frozen, women can now receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions to cure their disease, and later be able to be reimplanted with healthy tissue if they want to have a baby. . The case of Mercedes is not only a medical breakthrough, but a door of hope for many women with ovarian cancer who want to be mothers.

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