Recognizing and reporting child abuse

Recognizing and reporting child abuse

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How widespread is child abuse?

It's hard to tell exactly how many children are abused or neglected because many cases go unreported. But in 2014, about 700,000 children were known to be victims of neglect or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, according to state and local child protective services. Most were less than a year old.

Top questions about child abuse

  • How do I know if my child has been abused?
  • What should I do if I suspect my child has been abused?
  • If my child is abused, what kind of help will she need? Where can I go for assistance?
  • How do I find a safe childcare provider?
  • Can I prevent abuse from happening to my child?

Additional resources

Child Care Aware
Visit this site for information on finding quality childcare, evaluating childcare providers, and finding local resources.

Child Welfare Information Gateway
This clearinghouse compiles and publishes legal, statistical, and practical information on child abuse and child welfare. Much of it is available online.

Prevent Child Abuse America
This organization is a good resource for child abuse prevention programs in your community.

National Parent Helpline
Parents who feel they're at risk for hurting their children can get emotional support and guidance by calling (855) 4A PARENT or (855) 427-2736.

Parents Anonymous
On this website, parents who have neglected or abused their children (or worry that they may do so) can find support groups as well as resources for strengthening their family.

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